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Mer 20 Juil 17:20:06 GMT 2016

Dear Madam or Sir,

How are you doing? I am here to tell you a real story about myself.

I am Lycenm, a lovely girl from Shanghai China, I graduated from high
school in July 2016, and participated in China's college entrance
examination, has now been admitted into Shanghai foreign economic and
trade University,  to study international business in English.

I have an incomplete but warm family, my mother abandoned my father
and me in the earlier time of this year,  no further news so far. My
father works in a company as a general employee, he works very hard, but
only few money left after removing the monthly living expenses from
his monthly salary. Now he is unable to pay my college tuition and
living expenses (I need to pay  USD 6000 every year,4 years study in
College would need  about USD 24000 in total).

I am very eager to learn,  I don't want to drop out. So, would you
please be so kind to  help me to complete my university study? If you are willing,
you can lend me some money,  it doesn't matter how much you are going to lend me,
every dollar shows your love to me. And please let me know
your contact details, after I finish the university study and start
working, I will be contacting you and will have the  funds that you
lend  me returned to you.

This is not a joke, nor a scam. This is totally real and serious.
You can verify me by all kinds of methods.

Thank you for your reading.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.





    我 有一个残缺但温暖的家庭,妈妈在我高三的时候抛弃了我和爸爸,跟着另外一个男人走了,现在音讯全无。爸爸在一家企业上班,是个小职员,工作非常幸苦,但是 每个月的薪水去掉房租和各种生活费后所剩无几。现在无力支付我的大学学费以及生活费(2016年9月份入学时需要缴纳各种费用约2万多元,4年大学期 间一共需要花费大约10万元)。

    我 非常渴望学习,不想因此而辍学。所以,请你在收到这封邮件后,能够支持我一部分费用,帮助我完成我喜爱的学业。无论多少,哪怕一元、一角,都是你对蓝蓝的 爱。并且请留下你真实有效的电话号码或其他联系方式,在我完成学业并且开始工作后,我将会联系你并且将你的资助资金全部归还给你。


我不是在开玩笑,也不是诈骗,这完全是真实的, 我想借助互连网寻求能帮助我的人。如果您是有缘人,想真心帮我的话, 我可以提供更多详细信息供您核实。


2016-07-21 凌晨

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